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Have Questions About Your Rights As An Injured Maritime Worker? We Have Answers.

If you’re looking for information on maritime injuries and claims, your rights as an offshore worker, and answers to your questions, you have come to the right place.

The Young Firm is a maritime law firm in New Orleans, Louisiana with extensive experience in handling maritime cases. The attorneys of The Young Firm have worked closely with injured offshore workers in the Gulf of Mexico and on the Mississippi River for more than 40 years. Maritime law is simply second nature to us.

Your questions concerning an injury are important and deserve to be answered. If you or a family member suffered while working on the water (including in the Gulf of Mexico) and you’re unable to find the right information on our site, please contact our office to discuss your questions. There is no charge for the call and the discussion will remain absolutely confidential. Please contact us to see if we can help you.

Common Problems You Face As An Injured Offshore Worker

Maritime injuries are extremely complicated and sensitive. Getting hurt offshore on an oil rig, tugboat or barge puts maritime workers in a unique and difficult situation. Often, you will experience one or more of these troubling issues:

  • The company doctor says you are fine or the tests were negative, but the you still feel the pain and don’t have the same level of physical function;
  • The company won’t pay for any of your medical expenses relating to the injury;
  • The company stops paying you benefits, such as maintenance and cure;
  • You can’t afford to pay the medical bills much less the regular monthly expenses;
  • The company blames you for the accident when you know it was not your fault;

These are just a few of the problems that had faced our maritime clients in the past. Of course, each situation is distinct and the troubles bothering you may be different. If you read our book “Employee’s Guide to Maritime Injury Law”, we discuss many of these same issues.

We Get it

It is never an easy decision to take legal action against another person, especially against your employer at the risk of losing your job. You may feel that this decision will forever ruin your chances to return offshore, but we can tell you this isn’t true. We’ve had many clients return to work after they received their settlement and got better. You can watch Joshua tell his story about how he returned to the work he loves.

Here at The Young Firm we understand the frustrations you face as an injured offshore worker because we deal with maritime cases every day of the week. It is the only type of law that we practice. We don’t spread ourselves thin by taking every little car accident case or medical malpractice case. We focus only on maritime law, and, as a result, we know a great deal about it.

But Do They Get it?

Although your local lawyer may be a very nice person, he/she may not be the most qualified person to help you with your maritime or Jones Act claim.

The typical local injury lawyer deals with car accidents, slip and fall cases, dog bite cases or even family law claims. Such injury lawyers may not be familiar with the specific federal laws – such as the Jones Act – that protect injured workers on oil rigs, abroad vessels and other maritime workers.

A local injury lawyer may lack the industry connections and know-how that can help your case. Unlike Jones Act attorneys, those who have a general personal injury practice may not understand the inner workings of the maritime industry. Likewise, they may not have a plethora of expert witnesses or industry leaders on whom to call.

Many local lawyers will often refer serious maritime injury cases to our office since they know this is all we do.

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