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When you are considering to retain a law firm to represent you, you have the right and responsibility to investigate their past results. Our office is proud to provide references to any potential clients upon request. Below is a sample of cases that have been successfully handled by our office during the past 5 years. This list is meant to simply illustrate the types of cases that our office has handled in the recent past, and it certainly does not represent our total experience.

Offshore Accident $7,150,000.00 Settlement for a client who sustained a ruptured blood vessel on his brain stem while working offshore. Our client first experienced flu and headache symptoms which continually worsened over the next several days while he was working offshore. He was eventually taken off of the rig and was diagnosed with a ‘cavernous malformation’ of a blood vessel on his brain stem which was bleeding. After the condition was monitored for 2 weeks, surgery was performed which left him wheelchair bound and totally disabled. The defendant company claimed that his medical condition would have resulted regardless of the timing of his treatment. Through several medical experts hired by our office, we were able to uncover evidence that earlier treatment could have greater improved his final condition, if not avoided his injury altogether. Although the defendant company had hired medical experts that disagreed with our experts, we were still able to reach a significant settlement that will provide money for him and his family for the rest of his life.


Offshore Rig Accident $1,900,000.00 Settlement for an injured offshore rig worker due to a nerve injury to his left leg. Our client sustained a severe nerve injury to his leg which resulted in significant disability as well as constant pain and suffering. His injury occurred while he was working in the derrick aboard the offshore rig, and although the company claimed he was entirely to blame for his own accident (which would have prevented him from recovering any damages beyond medical expenses), through investigation and expert testimony we were able to prove that the company was at fault for his accident which resulted in a favorable settlement prior to trial.


Maritime Lawyer $1,400,000.00 Judge verdict for an injured Jones Act Seaman. Our client sustained an injury to his lower back, which, although it did not require surgery, it did prevent him from returning to offshore work where he was earning more than $40,000.00 per year. Prior to the trial, our client had settled with one of the defendants for $250,000.00. The verdict was settled during the appeal process.


Maritime Attorney $1,000,000.00 Jury verdict to an offshore worker who had hydraulic fluid sprayed into his eyes while working offshore. The defendant admitted fault and the case was tried on the issue of damages alone to a jury in New Orleans. Although our client suffered blurred vision in one eye which was believed to be permanent and expert testimony stated that he could not return to work on an offshore oil rig where he had worked for more than three years prior to his accident, the defendant refused to offer more than $40,000.00 to settle his claim. A jury returned a verdict of more than $1,000,000.00, and although the trial judge refused to modify or alter the jury’s verdict, the Court of Appeal reduced the verdict to approximately $575,000.00.


Offshore Back Injury $650,000.00 Settlement for an injured client who hurt his knee and lower back while working offshore. The defendant company admitted that the accident was their fault, and our client had undergone an arthoscopy to his knee. His treating doctor was also recommending a lower back surgery which the company insisted was not related to our client’s accident. The defendant company had hired private investigators who obtained video surveillance of our client after his knee surgery while our client was performing work activities. The company was going to use the videotape at trial.


Offshore Injury-Maritime Law $553,000.00 Settlement for an injured offshore worker who had undergone one back surgery. The company argued that the accident was entirely our client’s fault, and that our client could return to earning almost as much as he had earned at the time of his accident.


Offshore Worker Injury-Maritime Attorney $550,000.00 Jury verdict received for an offshore worker who sustained a back injury while working on the drill floor. The defendant refused to offer more than $25,000 prior to trial to settle this claim. Even though the company’s own doctor admitted that our client needed back surgery, the company insisted that our client was injured prior to working offshore. The defendant company even threatened to file fraud charges against our client through the United States Attorney’s office. The jury strongly disagreed with the company’s position in the case and awarded our client more than $550,000.00 in total damages.


Cruise Line Accident Attorney $450,000.00 Settlement for the widow of an individual who died aboard a cruise line vessel. Unfortunately, our client’s recovery was greatly limited since her husband’s death occurred on the high seas. Our client’s total recovery was limited to a maximum recovery of approximately $500,000.00 in monetary loss. Although the cruise line claimed that our client’s husband suffered from a preexisting condition which would resulted in his death regardless of the medical treatment that the vessel could have provided to him, we were able to successfully settle the claim for approximately 90% of the maximum recovery allowed. The settlement also included future payments to be made to the children of our client.


Injured Offshore Worker-Louisiana $285,000.00 Settlement for an injured offshore worker who sustained an ankle injury. Test results showed mild nerve damage to his ankle which the company disputed. The company also claimed that the accident was our client’s fault, which would have prevented any recovery.


Knee Injury Attorney $260,000.00 Settlement for a Jones Act Seaman who suffered a knee injury that required one surgery. The defendant company argued that the accident was caused by our client, and that his knee had healed completely after the surgery.


Injured Seaman Lawyer $70,000.00 Settlement for an injured Seaman who sustained a hernia while being downloaded to an offshore supply vessel. The defendant vessel company had a medical doctor exam our client and believed that the hernia was not related to the work accident.


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