The Jones Act

Jones Act AttorneyThe Jones Act is a federal statute found at 46 United States Code 688 that was passed by the United States Congress that allows an injured employee to sue their employer for ALL the damages that the employee has suffered as a result of an injury. If the Jones Act applies to you, you will not be limited to collecting workers compensation benefits which consist of only medical payments and a small portion of your wages for a fixed period of time. Instead, if the Jones Act applies and your injury was caused by the negligence of your employer or a co-employee, you may then collect ALL of the damages that you have suffered from your employer. These damages include money for pain and suffering, money for past and future medical expenses from a doctor that you choose, money for past and future loss of wages and fringe benefits that you may have suffered due to your injury, and any other money damages that you have suffered. Our Maritime lawyers can explain these damages to you and help you understand the Jones Act. It may give you extensive rights since you were working at a dangerous job on the water.

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