What is a Maritime Lawyer?

A Maritime Lawyer is someone who practices an area of law generally known as ‘maritime law‘. Maritime law applies to cases involving injuries or accidents on the waterways of the United States, in the Gulf of Mexico, or at sea. Maritime law is VERY specialized and has evolved over the last 200 years in the United States. Sometimes only lawyers trained and experienced in that area are familiar with the rules and laws that apply. Our lawyers all have extensive experience handling maritime cases. Typically these cases involve several separate claims including ones under a statute known as the Jones Act, claims based on ‘general maritime law‘, claims based on the Death on the High Seas Act, and claims based on the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. Our maritime lawyers have successfully handled all of these types of claims.We have the needed experience in determining when the Jones Act applies and we can help you in your case.

Why hire a maritime lawyer from New Orleans?

The Young Firm in New Orleans has been successfully handling Jones Act and maritime claims for years. Because many oil production and offshore companies have offices in Louisiana, our office is conveniently located close to the court where your claim may need to be filed. Many offshore workers leave out of south Louisiana to go to the rigs or to board their work boats. Their claims can be filled in Louisiana and many must be filed in Louisiana. Injuries occurring off the coast of Louisiana may have to filed in Louisiana. Our attorneys are also licensed to practice law in Texas, which allows us to handle cases in Texas courts. Being located in New Orleans provides us with access to many local experts who have worked for years in the oil and gas and offshore industries. These include marine safety experts, former boat captains and pilots, former offshore crane operators, rigging experts and experts in other specialized areas that are common in the south Louisiana area. We have handled maritime and Jones Act cases in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida, and chances are if your injury occurred in the Gulf of Mexico or on the Mississippi River, we may be able to help you. Simply phone us to discuss your situation.

To learn more, read our short and easy to understand article “What is Maritime Law?”

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