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Louisiana Maritime Lawyer-Maritime Attorney
Need an attorney that specializes in maritime law? The Young Firm consists of maritime lawyers representing passengers and crew that have been injured on ships. Contact us today for a free initial consultation. Our maritime attorneys specialize in cases involving the longshore act, jones act and maritime law.

Louisiana Maritime Lawyer-Louisiana Maritime Lawyer Attorney Profiles
Attorney profile of the New Orleans maritime attorneys at the Young Law Firm. Contact them today to discuss your maritime claim. Free initial consultation.

Louisiana Maritime Lawyer-Firm Profile
If you have questions concerning an injury you suffered while working on the water including in the Gulf of Mexico, please call our office to talk to one of our maritime lawyers.

Louisiana Maritime Attorney-Frequently Asked Questions
A compilation of frequently asked Maritime, Longshore act and Jones Act questions.

Submit Your Case to a Louisiana Maritime Lawyer
Submit your case to a Louisiana Maritime lawyer for a evaluation concerning Maritime Law and injuries in water.

Publications by Louisiana Maritime Lawyers
Louisiana maritime lawyer site maintained by the Young Law Firm offers information concerning maritime injuries and claims. Longshore act-Jones act-Maritime Lawyer.

Contact a Louisiana Maritime Attorney
If you would like to contact us regarding a potential Maritime, Jones Act or Longshore act claim, please complete the FREE claim evaluation form.

What is a Maritime Lawyer? Louisiana Maritime Lawyers
The definition of maritime lawyer.

Louisiana Maritime Lawyer-What is Maritime Law?
The ‘general maritime law’ is a body of law that applies to accidents and injuries that occur on the water. Contact our Maritime Lawyers today to discuss your possible Maritime Claim.

Louisiana Jones Act Attorney-Jones Act Information
The Jones Act is a federal statute passed by Congress that allows injured employees to sue their employer for damages that the employee has suffered as a result of an injury. Contact us today to discuss your Jones Act claim with one of our attorneys.

What is a Seaman? Louisiana Maritime Attorney
In order for the Jones Act to apply to you, you must qualify as a ‘seaman’. Contact a maritime Attorney to discuss a possible seaman claim.

What is a Vessel? Vessel Attorney-Maritime Law
Vessel definition and how it relates to Maritime Law. Provided by maritime lawyer Tim Young of The Young firm located in Louisiana.

Louisiana Maritime Lawyer-Longshore Act Attorney
The Longshore Act is a Federally created statute that generally applies to dock workers and fixed platform workers in the Gulf of Mexico. Contact a Longshore attorney today to discuss your claim.

Death on the High Seas Act-Louisiana Maritime Attorney
The Death on the High Seas Act (DOHSA) is a Federal law that may apply when an individual dies while on the ‘high seas’. Contact one of our attorneys to discuss your Death On High Seas claim.

Louisiana Maritime Attorney-Maintenance and Cure Attorney
A person who qualifies as a ‘seaman’ under the Jones Act is entitled to collect ‘maintenance and cure’ benefits from his employer. Contact an Attorney today to discuss maintenance and cure.

Louisiana Maritime Attorney-Case Results-Louisiana Lawyer
Case results of maritime lawyer Tim Young. Mr. Young has provided a sample of cases that have been successfully handled during the past 5 years.

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